Library Highlight: A Bump in Life

Guest Post by Samantha Pascoal, Summer Student with Guelph & Area Right to Life

“When the impossibility of replacing a person is realized, it allows the responsibility which a man has for his existence and its continuance to appear in all its magnitude.” – Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor and author of Man’s Search for Meaning

“This time, she knew things had to be different; because this time, she was pregnant.” – A Bump in Life

image of book coverToo often, I have engaged in the abortion debate with one goal in mind: to win. In most conversations, I have to backtrack, ask myself, “Have I missed the point?” and then have to remind myself of it: we are discussing real people’s lives.

While all of the pro-choice arguments (bodily autonomy! medical necessity! poverty, rape, incest! global warming! non-humanness! Non-personhood! etc!) are wrong, showing a lack of compassion for people in hardship through one’s words and attitudes is perhaps just as wrong.

“..the most difficult changes provide the truest opportunities for rediscovering one’s value and purpose”

A Bump in Life teaches that when someone becomes unexpectedly pregnant, their life circumstances become crises. A little plus sign or a doctor’s nod can cause one’s whole life to change. However, the novel offers hope that this change is never absolutely for the worse, not only because a beautiful new life has been created, but also because the most difficult changes provide the truest opportunities for rediscovering one’s value and purpose.

While the book may be targeted at unexpectedly pregnant young women and their families, it is inspiring to anybody facing difficulty. Through the stories of 22 young women,  I learned how to better support real people – myself included – as we transition over bumps: from grief and despair, to hope, self-discovery, and new life.

Note: “A Bump in Life” is available to borrow from the Guelph & Area Right to Life office library.  Contact us to learn more, at facts(at)!