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Support for women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Resources for Educators

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” 

Malala Yousafzai



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Learn about the issues that affect your children.

Guelph & Area Right to Life is here to support teachers in bringing the discussion of life issues to their classrooms. Abortion and euthanasia are some of the most important human rights issues of our time, and young people should be equipped to think critically about these topics, and about the value of all human life.

In Guelph and Wellington County, around 1 in 50 teen girls becomes pregnant each year. In our region, over 50% of these teen pregnancies end in abortion. This means that students in your classroom are affected today or know someone who is affected by an unexpected pregnancy or an abortion experience.

We offer resources to help educate on life issues, and offer assistance to teachers who are supporting students in difficult circumstances. We know the wonderful impact that teachers can have on their students, and encourage you to speak up on these crucial issues!

Classroom Presentations


Guelph & Area Right to Life offers classroom presentations on important life issues. Topics include abortion, euthanasia & assisted suicide, gendercide, prenatal development, and the ethics of reproductive technologies and stem cell research.

These topics work well in classes discussing biology, human rights, social justice, bioethics, or religion. For more information, view our info sheet on classroom presentations. To book a speaker, contact us today!

Pregnancy Support Training

Through our Sanctuary Outreach pregnancy support program, we offer helpful resources to women facing an unexpected pregnancy. With a 24/7 helpline and trained volunteers, women and girls in need can always find someone to talk to for support.

Teachers who are interested in receiving training on how to offer support in a situation involving an unexpected pregnancy are encouraged to attend one of Sanctuary's free training sessions. The sessions are led by speakers with extensive experience in crisis pregnancy support. For information on upcoming sessions, contact us or visit the Sanctuary Outreach website.

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Pro-Life Lesson Plans

Newmarket and District Right to Life has created a pro-life curriculum, providing teachers with the resources they need in order to provide interesting and engaging lessons on life issues. This is done through videos and book references, accompanied by useful handouts. Accompanying each book or movie are follow up questions and thought-provoking statements that can start an important conversation.


The curriculum provides lesson plans for all high school grades at academic and applied levels. It includes important topics such as euthanasia, abortion, chastity & sexual health, infertility, family, and reproductive technologies.

Note: this curriculum was created for the Catholic school board, but can be adapted for any school.

Some of the DVDs and books mentioned in the curriculum are available at the Guelph & Area Right to Life office library. To borrow an item for use in your classroom, please contact us.


Brochures & Posters

Print 'Did You Know?' prenatal development posters and put them up around your school today! Contact us for brochures for your guidance office and classrooms.

Poster 1 - 21 Days | Poster 2 - 7 weeks

Poster 3 - 9 weeks | Poster 4 - 22 weeks

Brochures and pamphlets are available on a variety of topics, including post-abortion counselling and crisis pregnancy assistance. For more information on any of these resources, please get in touch with our office.


High School Pro-Life Clubs

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We encourage teachers and students to organize a pro-life club within their school. This enables all members involved to educate themselves further about important life issues, grow as leaders, and spread awareness to their peers. The club may include, but is not limited to: weekly meetings, organizing events at the school, discussion on important topics, and field trips.

A Right to Life staff member can be available to assist with your club's meetings and activities if you would like extra support. For tips on how to start a club, read Guelph & Area Right to Life's Pro-Life Club Info Sheet.


Events for Students

The March for Life is an annual pro-life gathering in Ottawa and includes a march through the streets of Ottawa, speeches from politicians and faith leaders, and testimonies from women who have experienced healing and forgiveness after an abortion. The National March for Life first began in 1998 with just 700 pro-lifers in attendance. Now it is the largest annual rally on Parliament Hill, with a regular attendance of over 20,000 people. Teachers are encouraged to organize a field trip for their school or contact our office for information on community buses attending from the area. For more information on National March for Life, visit


Educational Videos

Teachers are welcome to borrow materials from our office library.

It's a Girl: This documentary addresses the issue of gendercide in China, India and other countries. It tells the story of abandoned and trafficked girls, and mothers who face pressure to have an abortion because their child is a girl. Over 117 million girls are missing today, making this a very important social issue in Canada and around the world. "It’s a Girl" asks us to be the voice for many women who struggle to make their own voices heard.

The Drop Box: This documentary follows Korean pastor, Lee Jong-rak, and his heart for humanity. Worldwide, babies die from abandonment every year. To respond to this, Pastor Lee installed a ‘drop box’ for babies in the wall on the side of his home in Vietnam. By 2011 Jong-rak had taken in over 20 children and was raising them as his own. This moving testimony touches on the value of life and how fragile it is. For more information visit the film's website.


Window to the Womb

The 'Window to the Womb' TV display unit (also known as the 'Truth Booth') shows amazing prenatal development images along with photos and videos of 3D ultrasound images. This is an excellent way to show students the wonder of human development. The Window to the Womb display is available for long-term rental. Contact our office for more information.