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Learn how Guelph & Area Right to Life can support local pro-life doctors.


Organizations that research and support issues concerning life-affirming care.

Papers & Journal Articles

Abortion: Complications

"Health Services Utilization After Induced Abortions in Ontario" - Showing a higher rate of hospitalizations for infections, psychiatric problems, and surgical events after abortion.

"Serious Infection Associated With Induced Abortion in the United States"

"Birth outcomes after induced abortion: a nationwide register-based study of first births in Finland" - Showing a correlation between preterm birth and previous induced abortion.

Abortion Pill Reversal



Get your church involved and learn how we can support your church.


Bring the discussion of life issues into your classroom.


Learn about the issues that affect your children.

"A Case Series Detailing the Successful Reversal of the Effects of Mifepristone Using Progesterone" - A study of over 500 women showing the effectiveness of the abortion pill reversal treatment.

Risks of the Abortion Pill

Teens and Abortion

"Suicides after pregnancy in Finland, 1987-94" Showing a higher rate of suicide among teenagers who have had an abortion, compared to those who have given birth or miscarried, and those of other age groups.

"Differential impact of abortion on adolescents and adults"

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